Almar Zaadstra

Working with oils on canvas, talented artist Almar Zaadstra has been painting Australian history since 1980. His love of the traditions and romance of pioneering Australia presents itself in the fine detail of his art, which accurately depicts the farming practices, the costumes of the era and the wonderful, hardworking Clydesdale horses. This detail gives great realism and authenticity to the nostalgic images. Almar derives much of his inspiration from the undulating countryside around Casterton, Victoria, where he has lived since 1985..

Almar Zaadstra

Hauling the Lifeboat ashore

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Almar began oil painting at an early age, and knew quite quickly that he wanted to capture images of the natural world, as authentically as possible.

A review of Almar’s catalogue of work, spanning over three decades, shows a broad range of subjects, and especially a strong interest in the impact European settlers had in this country. The narrative paintings also portray the importance women played in these events. Often ignored in the history books, they were a vital part of the success of the Early Settlers.

With the power of his imagination capturing moments in time, Almar’s  paintings hopefully will give future generations a sense, of what life may have been like so long ago .

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Visitors to the area wishing to see Almar's art are welcome to make an appointment by telephoning, 03 5581 2051 or mobile 0409 964 600. On show in the Artist's home at 17 Arundel Rd Casterton Victoria, are completed oil paintings and works in progress.


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